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Custom designed seminars are available for your church or group. 


Dr. Stewart is available to preach one sermon on the family for your church or do a seminar that can contain from two to 10 sessions. The seminar can include a Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday or any combination of these.


Dr. Stewart has done seminars for couples, college students, parents, and men. All of his seminars are grounded on solid Biblical teachings that are designed to strengthen the home. You can preview some of the seminar sessions by clicking here.


Financial Commitment 

Dr. Stewart conducts these seminars and conferences on the basis of a love offering and travel expenses.


Men's Retreat

Example of a Men's Retreat

Friday night
Session 1: You Are Born a Male; You Must Choose to Be a Man
Session 2: Understanding Your Makeup

Saturday morning:
Session 3: Your Wife's Greatest Need 
Session 4: How to Love Your Wife Like Christ Loves the Church

Saturday afternoon:
Session 5: The Kind of Father Every Child Needs
Session 6: The Word Every Father Must Hear and Heed 
Session 7: 
The Father's Responsibility to Minister God's Word to His Family

Saturday night:
Session 8: Learning to Speak Your Wife's Language of Love

Couple's Weekend

Example of a Marriage Enrichment Seminar

Friday night:
Session 1: How Important Is Your Marriage to God? 
Session 2: Understand Why You Two See Things so Differently

Saturday morning: 
Session 3: Loving Your Wife Like Christ Loves the Church
Session 4: What God Says About Submission

Saturday afternoon:
Session 5: Taking Your Love to a New Level
Session 6: Three Essentials of a Godly Marriage
Session 7: A Wife's Most Important Words

Saturday night:
Session 8: How to Move From Marital Blues to Marital Bliss

Parent's Retreat

Example of a Parent Retreat

Friday Night:
Session 1: The Most Important Thing in Parenting
Session 2: The Key to Understanding Your Child

Saturday morning:
Session 3: The Kind of Father Every Child Needs
Session 4: A Word Every Stay-at-Home Mother Must Hear

Saturday afternoon:
Session 5: How to Teach Your Child to Stand Against Peer Pressure
Session 6: God's Goal for Your Child
Session 7: God's Word to Parents About Discipline

Saturday night:
Session 8: How to Save Your Child from Teenage Rebellion





Feeding those who hunger for the meat of God's Word


We proclaim Him, admonishing every man and teaching every man with all wisdom, so that we may present every man mature in Christ.  Colossians 1:28


Dr. Stewart is available to speak at your church or group. Since we believe everyone who hungers for the meat of God's Word should be fed, no group is too small.


Dr. Stewart is available for conferences, to supply preach and to serve as an interim pastor.


Dr. Stewart will come free of charge. He simply desires that you cover his travel and lodging expenses.


You may contact him:


Phone: 770 823-2545 770 823-2545

E-mail: at@atstewart.com

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