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Here's what people are saying

The following comments are from people to A.T. about his twenty-four year ministry at Westside Church.

"Only the fondest and utmost respect for your teachings. While we were members of Westside, I learned more from your teachings that I had ever learned"

Temple, GA


      "I give thanks to God for having you as my shepherd for these last 5 years. You were of great assistance to my spiritual growth and Christian life. It is very difficult to find a shepherd like you, anointed of the Lord and an excellent teacher."


Mableton, GA


     "We are so thankful that the Lord brought you to Westside. Not only did we receive 24 years of Biblical preaching and teaching, but your love for each other and for your family modeled what an Ephesisans 5 and 6 marriage and family should look like."


Powder Springs, GA


"Thank you for your faithfulness in preaching the Word. I've come to church eager for the Lord's message each Sunday."


Smyrna, GA


"What joy it has been to see you obey the Lord these 24 years. If there is one thing you do well it is helping Christians to know the Word and to know Jesus. We marvel at yhour hunger fo rthe Word and to know Jesus."


Austell, GA


"God grace abounds more blessings when He places in our lives people that love the Lord Jesus and show it through their living. We thank God that you are such a man of God that inspires Christians to desire a love relationship with Jesus. We thank you for your faithful service as pastor as you truly lived the Word of God as written in 1 Corinthians 15:58. Your sermons and your living were a trust testament of love for God, devotion to God, and living to glorify God."


Mableton, GA


"God has truly ordained you to feed His flock through teaching and leading."


Smyrna, GA 


"Thank you for your faithful ministry, your preaching, teaching, and mentoring over the years."


Orlando, FL


"Thank you so much for your dedication to the Word of God. Your teaching of God's attributes and love has opened my eyes and given such comfort.


Smyrna, GA



Feeding those who hunger for the meat of God's Word


We proclaim Him, admonishing every man and teaching every man with all wisdom, so that we may present every man mature in Christ.  Colossians 1:28


Dr. Stewart is available to speak at your church or group. Since we believe everyone who hungers for the meat of God's Word should be fed, no group is too small.


Dr. Stewart is available for conferences, to supply preach and to serve as an interim pastor.


Dr. Stewart will come free of charge. He simply desires that you cover his travel and lodging expenses.


You may contact him:


Phone: 770 823-2545 770 823-2545

E-mail: at@atstewart.com

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